Extruder gears from Koellmann Gear have been specially developed for the requirements of extruder systems. They are characterised by:

  • Extremely durable housing walls and integrated thrust bearings to absorb the high axial forces that arise as a result of the plasticising of the granules in the screw area
  • Low maintenance effort due to the integration of the thrust bearings in the housing
  • Gear design for use in processing a wide array of materials (plastics such as thermoplastic, duroplastic, elastomer, or rubber)
  • Consistently high-quality melt due to extreme vibration-free operation and quiet running of the gear
  • The UNEX (Universal Extruder) gear series allows different installation positions to be used such as
    • vertical output upward / downward
    • horizontal left / right
    • Z-FLOW / U-FLOW

for use in your linear, star-shaped or cascading systems.