Designs and accessories

Using Koellmann gears that have been customised to the individual requirements, extrusion system manufacturers can cover all of their gear needs. These gears combine the highest possible standardisation with compact, one-piece universal housing with maximum flexibility in terms of designs, connections and accessories. The gears can be used in all installation positions, and can even operate at an angle, thus, for example, as a co-extruder. The gears can even be used lying on their “bellies”.


  • Universal installation positions
  • Flexible adaptation to customer specifications
  • High power density due to narrow size distances
  • Centre distance of 2 and 3-stage gears is identical
  • Modular gear system
    Single-piece and torsion-resistant


  • Universal installation positions
  • Z-shaped, U-shaped or angled design


  • Elastic coupling
  • V-belt operation
  • Motor lantern
  • Motor bracket
  • Direct input via hollow shaft is optional


  • Integrated cooling coil
  • External heat exchanger


  • Immersion lubrication
  • Pressure lubrication


  • Integrated cooling coil
  • External heat exchanger


  • Temperature monitoring
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Oil filter
  • Level monitoring
  • Particle monitoring
  • Oil status monitoring


  • Solid shaft
  • Hollow shaft


  • Elastic coupling
  • V-belt drive
  • Motor lantern for installation of a B5 engine
  • Motor bracket
  • Optionally available with engine


  • Cylinder and screw connection according to customer specification
  • Coolable drive lanterns in the feed area
  • Worm pullout through the output shaft possible

Technical data

  •  2 and 3-stage version
  • 18 sizes
  • More than 500 variants
  • Transmission ratio between 5:1 and 100:1
  • Maximum output torques of up to 200,000 Nm (under extruder conditions)
  • The housing designs of Koellmann gears are optimised using FEM



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