New product – multi-purpose test bench from Koellmann

Test benches are usually designed and constructed for a specifically defined test task, e.g.

  • Drive shaft test bench
  • Spur gear stage with a = 91.5 (see FVA no. 563 I) 

As electro-mobility has advanced, requirements on test benches have increased substantially

  • Different types of gears
  • Co-rotational / counter-rotational direction
  • Different centre distances in the case of spur gear stages

Previously, a dedicated test gear and at least one dedicated adapter was required for equipment under test for each test task. Koellmann Gear offers an all-in-one solution for all test bench tasks in a single package:

  • Variably adjustable centre distance for testing spur gear stages
  • Test-rig adapter for planetary stages
  • Torque conversion unit according to customer specifications (mechanical to hydraulic; see above)

This test bench solves all test tasks that arise with only a single test bench unit, comprising

  • 1x torque conversion gear with torque conversion unit
  • 1x angle gear, if desired, with engine shaft end
  • 1x housing for equipment under test

With three components, Koellmann Gear provides the solution for all your test bench issues. The test bench gear unit optimised to your speeds, torques and power offers maximum flexibility, which is likewise equipped for future tasks.