Test bench gears in accordance with FVA Directive 563 I

Test bench gear units in accordance with FVA no. 563 I are the “work horses” in research, development and industry.

Excerpt from FVA Directive 563 I:

The Research Center for Gear Wheels and Gear Units (FZG) at the Technical University of Munich (TU München) plays a key role in the definition of the test criteria for performing load-bearing capacity tests on spur gears.

Test benches in accordance with FVA no. 563 I are used there on a daily basis in order to determine the calculation factors for new gearing materials, high-performance lubricants, etc.

These test benches are specified for centre distances of a = 91.5 / 112.5 / 125 / 140 or 200 mm in accordance with FVA 563 I in order to ensure that comparable test results are obtained worldwide.

Until now, every institute, every research institution and every sub-team has designed and built their own test benches, which has cost considerable expense and time. In so doing, they frequently lacked the expertise of experienced gear manufacturers. As a result, many test benches have not yielded the desired result.

Koellmann Gear provides complete packages as “plug-and-play” test benches in accordance with FVA 563 I. With a test bench of this kind, you can test the newest materials, a newly developed gear oil, or the newest roller bearings in your own research and development lab or technology centre, for example. You will be pleasantly surprised by the range of diversity of our directive-compliant test benches with a fixed centre distance – our engineers would be happy to advise you.