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Extruder gears

Our gears at the heart of your extruder

Continuous high loads occur here due, in part, to the extreme drive torques that arise here. Malfunctions not only cause costly downtime for the operator, they also result in economic risks due to delays in delivery. As a result, many well-known extrusion system manufacturers do not compromise specifically on these important components and opt for quality gears from Koellmann Gear. Extruder gears from Koellmann Gear have proven themselves in thousands of installations around the world. With its unrivalled functional reliability, the proven cutting-edge technology sets the standard, not only in terms of reliability and a long service life, but in terms of customer satisfaction as well.


Extruder gears from Koellmann Gear have been specially developed for the requirements of extruder systems. They are characterised by:

  • Extremely durable housing walls and integrated thrust bearings to absorb the high axial forces that arise as a result of the plasticising of the granules in the screw area
  • Low maintenance effort due to the integration of the thrust bearings in the housing
  • Gear design for use in processing a wide array of materials (plastics such as thermoplastic, duroplastic, elastomer, or rubber)


Koellmann gears have been specially developed for use in extruders. In so doing, a compact design with high power density and a long service life have become a common economic denominator. The wide range of applications extends from the plastic or rubber processing industry through recycling plants to food production.

  • Systems for cable and pipe sheathing
  • Production of plastic profiles and pipes
  • Production of fuel tanks for the automotive industry and film blowing systems for the packaging industry
  • Blow moulding systems for plastic containers
  • Extruders for rubber profiles
  • Sheet extrusion

Designs and accessories

Using Koellmann gears that have been customised to the individual requirements, extrusion system manufacturers can cover all of their gear needs. These gears combine the highest possible standardisation with compact, one-piece universal housing with maximum flexibility in terms of designs, connections and accessories. The gears can be used in all installation positions, and can even operate at an angle, thus, for example, as a co-extruder. The gears can even be used lying on their “bellies”.

Technical data

  • 2 and 3-stage version
  • 18 sizes
  • More than 500 variants
  • Transmission ratio between 5:1 and 100:1
  • Maximum output torques of up to 200,000 Nm (under extruder conditions)
  • The housing designs of Koellmann gears are optimised using FEM


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