Our special gears for injection moulding production

Injection moulding gears

Don't compromise when it comes to critical components!

Injection moulding machines are used for the production of plastic parts in the shortest possible cycle times and in some cases, run around the clock. The drive for the screw in particular is subjected to high loads in the plasticising unit. For this reason, the gears used here must meet the highest quality standards. Manufacturers of injection moulding machines should not compromise, in particular when it comes to these critical components, and should select high-quality gears from Koellmann Gear. This is because gears from Koellmann Gear have already proven themselves in thousands of installations around the world – especially in the plastics industry. With its unrivalled functional reliability, the proven cutting-edge technology sets the standard, not only in terms of reliability and a long service life, but in terms of customer satisfaction as well.


Extruder gears from Koellmann Gear have been specially developed for the requirements of injection moulding machines. They are characterised by:

  • Gear design for use in processing a wide array of materials (plastics such as thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer spraying and two-component technology)
  • Consistently high quality and unvarying yield quantity of the melt due to extreme vibration-free operation and quiet running of the gear
  • Design of the gear and flange connection for the discontinuous linear acceleration forces resulting from the process performed by the plasticising unit during injection and ejection

Designs and accessories

Using Koellmann gears that have been customised to the individual requirements, manufacturers of injection moulding machines for processing plastics can cover all of their gear needs. They combine the highest possible standardisation with compact, one-piece universal housing with maximum flexibility in terms of designs, connections and accessories.

  • Implementation of universal installation positions
  • Z or U-shaped design
  • Integrated cooling coil or external heat exchanger
  • Immersion lubrication or pressure lubrication
  • Input via B5 motor lanterns and elastic coupling
  • Variable engine sizes are possible
  • Cylinder and screw connection according to customer specification



Koellmann gears have been specially developed for use in plastic injection moulding machines. In so doing, a compact design with high power density and a long service life have become a common economic denominator.

  • Production of gaskets or profiles
  • Production of automotive components
  • Production of housings for electrical equipment
  • Production of disposable packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • Production of components for electrical installations such as junction boxes, switches or sockets
  • Mass production of toys such as building bricks


Technical data


  • The 3-stage I-TEC gear series currently includes 10 sizes.
  • The gears were assembled in the modular system.
  • The transmission ratio range falls between 5:1 and 100:1.
  • The torques fall between 1,500 Nm and 80,000 Nm.         


  • Optimum lubricant supply
  • Specially optimised helical gears
  • Roller bearings and shaft seals from well-known manufacturers
  • Optimal efficiency with a low noise pressure level
  • Compact, stiff monoblock housings
  • Optimisation of the housing designs using the finite element method (FEM)



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