Gears for outstanding sawing results

Saw gears

Gear technology for sawing systems

An essential component of sawing systems is the gear technology. Depending on the material being processed, high torques may be required of gears. This is usually accompanied by a requirement that the gear have a low noise level and a long service life, and that it be efficient with the smoothest running capabilities.



Saw gears from Koellmann Gear have been specially developed for the special requirements of sawing equipment:

  • Extremely clean and precise saw blade cut while at the same time, very little wear due to the low-backlash layout design of the gearing with very few angular minutes
  • Individual layout design of the gear for installation positions in the case of saw cuts up to 45°
  • Simple and flexible adjustment of the installation positions and thus, of the cutting angle in three axes via grooves 
  • Gear connections on the output side according to customer requirements
  • Preventing the destruction of shaft seals and thus the penetration of sawdust into the gear by means of special fuses




The gears for double mitre saws are developed and designed in close coordination with customers. These machines saw and de-burr various metal profile cross sections and geometries at different cutting angles fully automatically and at high speeds. The gears are often used in high-tech sawing machines running in 24/7 mode.


Using Koellmann gears that have been customised to the individual requirements, sawing system manufacturers can cover all of their gear needs. These gears combine the highest possible standardisation with compact, one-piece universal housing with maximum flexibility in terms of designs, connections and accessories. The gears can be used in all installation positions, and can even operate at an angle.      


  • Gear housing made of nodular iron
  • Multiple installation positions possible
  • Flexible adaptation to customer specifications        


  • Housing designs optimised using FEM
  • Saw drive power 20 kW
  • Saw shaft speed 35 to approx. 115 1/min.
  • Transmission ratio 14.02:1
  • Saw blade mount Ø 80/4 x Ø 21 to TK120, flange Ø 150 mm
  • Connections for an optional, external cooling unit



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