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Since 1904, Koellmann Gear has stood for quality products with the highest standards. As a division of Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, we combine cutting-edge innovations with our many years of experience in producing gears. In order to better serve our customers, we have consistently set the highest quality standards when it comes to the wide array of Koellmann gears in use around the globe.

Our Products

  • Extruder Gears
    Extruder Gears
    UNEX is an extruder gear series with 18 sizes and more than 500 variants. The design is adapted to the individual customer requirements.
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  • Straightening Machine Gears
    Straightening Machine Gears
    A total of nine outputs on the two-row straightening machine gear drive rollers, over which sheet metal parts are fed into the machine and straightened.
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  • Industrial Helical Gears
    Industrial Helical Gears
    With its H-TEC series, Koellmann Gear developed a universal gear series that is aimed specifically at a wide array of industrial processes.
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  • Shredding Machine Gears
    Shredding Machine Gears
    Shredding machine gears are robust and designed to have a high degree of efficiency in order to meet the special requirements in this area.
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  • Injection Moulding Gears
    Injection Moulding Gears
    Injection moulding machine gears in the I-TEC series are customised solutions and specifically developed for use in this application area.
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  • Test Bench Gears
    Test Bench Gears
    Test bench gears are customized gears, individually developed for testing components under operating conditions.
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  • Mixer Gears
    Mixer Gears
    The powerful and high-torque mixer gear EWG 320 is specifically designed for heavy industrial applications.
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  • Saw Blade Gears
    Saw Blade Gears
    The SG 500 saw-blade gear was specifically designed for fully-automatic sawing machines and is impressive due to its quiet running and precise saw cuts.
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  • Special Gears
    Special Gears
    The modular design of Koellmann gears means that the design and manufacturing of special gears can be adapted to customer requirements.
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Service in Koellmann Quality

  • Inspections
    To make it possible to plan downtimes, we provide our customers with the option of recording the condition of the gear by means of an inspection.
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  • Maintenance
    Koellmann Gear offers professional service personnel to perform maintenance at regular intervals. Contact our service team now.
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  • Conversion and retrofitting
    Conversion and retrofitting
    A gear is often in use for decades, whereby the performance potential demanded of it frequently changes over time.
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  • Repairs
    Our experienced service team is at your disposal on short notice to perform a damage survey, and to assess and analyse the possible causes of the damage.
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  • Spare Parts
    Spare Parts
    Koellmann gear provides standard components for all our customers just-in-time delivery. Simply contact our 24/7 hotline to receive direct support.
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  • Subcontracting
    Koellmann Gear offers the option of having larger individual workpieces or even small series machined on modern machines by highly qualified specialists.
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Koellmann Gear News

Even today, with its unparalleled functional reliability, Koellmann Gear's cutting-edge technology sets the standard for durability, reliability and customer satisfaction. More than 500,000 special gears have stood the test in machines and systems of all kinds around the world. Companies in numerous industries appreciate our expertise, many years of experience and flexibility. All transmissions are manufactured from high-quality components according to the principles of German engineering and are customised specifically for the respective application area. Suppliers must meet the highest quality standards. Their performance is continuously evaluated as part of the area of responsibility of quality management and purchasing. The statistical failure rate of our gears is well below one percent due to incoming goods inspections and 100% monitoring during production. In this way, we can offer our customers a two-year warranty and use our demand on ourselves as a marketing slogan: Our gear solutions are the best on the market!
Today sees the release of in a brand-new, modern look. The site navigation is particularly well structured, broken down into our various products. In addition to the latest innovations, the homepage also offers

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