Custom service


Maintenance should be performed on a gear unit by our service personnel at regular intervals. This ensures the longest possible service life and low wear on the serviced gears. This also includes compliance with the oil change intervals stated on the nameplate.

Professional maintenance is an integral part of our warranty. Within the context of maintenance, the general condition of the gear is initially assessed. Depending on the findings, the way in which to proceed will be coordinated

in consultation with the plant operator, which may include function-preserving cleaning, a differentiated examination for leaks, a temperature measurement with a resulting optimisation of the cooling or replacement of the lubricant, for example.  

Minor defects can often be repaired cost-effectively as part of regular maintenance work. We would be happy to create an individual maintenance and servicing plan in collaboration with our customer or the plant operator – simply get in touch with us!

Our 24-hour hotline allows us to ensure that you are either assisted immediately or, at the very least, that your emergency call is competently dealt with in a timely manner.

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