Test bench unit for variable implementation of all testing tasks

Test bench gears

Longer service life as a competitive advantage

Demands on manufacturers of technical products have increased continuously in recent years. Durability alone is no longer a decision-making criterion for or against a product – even low-cost products must now be able to guarantee functionally reliable operation. These days, a longer service life constitutes the competitive advantage vis-a-vis low-cost products.

The pioneers in calculating the service life of a product were the roller bearing manufacturers, who gave design engineers the formulas for calculating the “nominal bearing life” decades ago. Today, components tested under operating conditions is the approached used to make statistically reliable statements about the service life under various parameters. Koellmann Gear, the business unit for gear manufacturing at Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, offers here a range of test bench gears of up to 1 MW torque power or 10,000 U/min or 10 kNm, which is based on years of design experience in this area.



Test bench gear units from Koellmann

Koellmann Gear has a large number of test bench gears in its range of products:

  • in accordance with FVA Directive 563 I - centre distance a = 91.5 / 112.5 / 125 / 140 or 200 mm for mm for tooth flank load-bearing capacity tests on tempered and hardened cylindrical gears
  • Test bench gear units with mechanical torque
  • Test bench gear units with electro-mechanical torque
  • Our newest product: the multi-purpose test bench gear unit


Areas of application and use for test bench gears

Areas of application:

  • Load-bearing capacity tests on gear wheels
  • Service life testing on roller bearings
  • Function and service life testing of drive shafts      

Test bench gear torque conversion unit

The energy-efficient solution of load test benches based on the principle of the torque conversion circuit. Here, load tests with high test outputs can be performed at a substantially lower drive power. Test stand gears from Koellmann Gear are available with an internal or external torque conversion unit. Upon request, a customised torque conversion unit can also be installed – the gear will then be prepared accordingly.

Customised test bench gears

Test bench gears are as diverse as the products that are to be tested. Again and again, generations of design engineers have searched for classic test bench gears – but thus far have found none. Unlike the case with standard gears, the requirements here are multifaceted and require a customised solution.

Koellmann Gear offers the solution "tailored" to your requirements. Having design, production and installation in-house ensures the optimal solution for your test bench tasks. Our engineers will be pleased to advise you in the layout design of a test bench gear concept that is optimised for speed, load torque and test output.

Customised solutions – Made in Germany

New product – multi-purpose test bench from Koellmann

Test benches are usually designed and constructed for a specifically defined test task, e.g.

  • Drive shaft test bench
  • Spur gear stage with a = 91.5 (see FVA no. 563 I) 

As electro-mobility has advanced, requirements on test benches have increased substantially

  • Different types of gears
  • Co-rotational / counter-rotational direction
  • Different centre distances in the case of spur gear stages

Test bench gears in accordance with FVA Directive 563 I

Test bench gear units in accordance with FVA no. 563 I are the “work horses” in research, development and industry.

Excerpt from FVA Directive 563 I:

The Research Center for Gear Wheels and Gear Units (FZG) at the Technical University of Munich (TU München) plays a key role in the definition of the test criteria for performing load-bearing capacity tests on spur gears.

Test benches in accordance with FVA no. 563 I are used there on a daily basis in order to determine the calculation factors for new gearing materials, high-performance lubricants, etc.


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