Koellmann Gear as an employer

In our view, an application is always a process with two participants. It's not just the applicant applying to the company – the company is also “applying” to potential new members of staff. So why should you decide to apply to Koellmann Gear?

  1. We are a family business offering career prospects.
    With us, you get the best of both worlds: you benefit from a collegial atmosphere with a flat hierarchy. At the same time, we offer numerous career opportunities and promotion prospects.

  2. We cater to an international environment.
    We offer internationally experienced members of staff the possibility to develop their strengths. Koellmann Gear is one of three divisions of the Thielenhaus Group, which is represented on four continents, with a total of eight locations across six countries.*

  3. We offer the opportunity to create your own work environment and to drive forward your own development.
    We give you the opportunity to further your own development and simultaneously drive your career forward: You will learn the latest best practices and acquire new skills on a continual basis. 
  4. We promote talent with the right mind-set for the customer.
    Anyone working at Koellmann Gear is part of a very diverse team. But they all have one thing in common: they always apply their ideas and accredited skills in the service of our customers. We foster this commitment with individual further education and training opportunities.     
  5. We offer long-term prospects.
    We want to grow together and have a very low rate of staff turnover. The well-being of our members of staff is a critical concern of ours, and we feel vindicated in our view given that many members of staff have been with us for 10, 15 and even 25 years.

  6. We want to remain innovative.
    Continuous improvement and innovation are a permanent process for us, which we advance by working together with our members of staff.  Precision and the highest quality have been central features of Koellmann Gear products for more than a hundred years. As such, we have developed from our original role as gear wheel manufacturer to an internationally active specialist in large and special gears, which are frequently individually customised to the specific application area. It is important to us that each and every member of staff – irrespective of their area of activity and position – is able to make their contribution and express their ideas at any given time.


*The Thielenhaus Technologies Group is an internationally established company. Our locations worldwide:

Koellmann Gear + Airtec locations


Thielenhaus Microfinish locations


Wuppertal location



Wuppertal location (Thielenhaus Technologies)
Triberg location (Thielenhaus Automotive Innovation)


Waldwick, New Jersey location (Koellmann Gear Corp)



Novi, Michigan location (Thielenhaus Machinery Corp.)


Thielenhaus Machinery Shanghai Co., Ltd.



Shanghai location (Thielenhaus Machinery Shanghai)





Chennai location (Thielenhaus Microfinish India)





Joinville location (Thielenhaus Microfinish do Brasil)





Matzingen location (Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation)  


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