Developed to meet the high demands of straightening machines

Straightening machine gears

Unlock your performance with our customised solutions

Anyone who wants to stay ahead of the competition as a manufacturer of machines and systems and stay a length ahead in an increasingly tough competition needs to be able to offer more. This applies both to the functional dependability and durability of the products, and to the economic efficiency, long service life, energy efficiency and noise reduction in gears having a special format. As such, standard gears are often unable to meet specific system requirements, or can only do so to a limited degree, especially in the drive area. For this reason, specially customised solutions are increasingly the key to unlocking high performance.


Koellmann Gear leveling gear units are specially developed for the special requirements of straightening systems:

  • Low-vibration design of the gearboxes for a uniform and efficient straightening process
  • Development of gears with a customer defined number and arrangement of output shafts
  • Identical speeds and torques on all output shafts to ensure optimum geometry and integrity of the straightening material


After rolling out sheets, for example for the automotive industry, these are wound into a so-called coil and are stress-relieved via annealing. When cooling the sheet-metal coils, the structure of the materials is changed in such a way that coil bending, edge waves, unilateral waves, coil breaks and central waves may arise


The special design of the gear makes a particularly flexible machine use possible. The noise and power-optimised helical gearing guarantee low sound pressure levels and a high degree of efficiency. A rigid monoblock housing design allows even the highest of loads to be compensated and ensured.


Since straightening machine gears are specific implementations, it is possible to take customer wishes into account one hundred percent in the design.

These may include:

  • Taking into account the desired load spectrum
  • Safety factors
  • Gearing and roller bearing service life


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