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A high level of resource availability is the decisive factor for every plant operator. In the event of damage, help must be available quickly. Therefore, all matters relating to the service at Koellmann Gear are given a high priority. Our special strengths include comprehensive customer service for gears, which includes regular maintenance as well as quick assistance.


Our 24-hour hotline allows us to ensure that you are either assisted immediately or, at the very least, that your emergency call is competently dealt with in a timely manner.

Tel.: +49 (0)2 02 / 4 81-1 10

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Our experienced service team is at your disposal on short notice to perform a damage survey, and to assess and analyse the possible causes of the damage in the very rare event that a gear fails.

Once the external condition has been assessed, the shut-down gear is professionally opened and disassembled. The gear must be sent to Koellmann Gear


To make it possible to plan downtimes, we provide our customers with the option of recording the condition of the gear by means of an inspection. As such, we determine the frequency spectrum during operation by means of vibration analyses and the sound power level by means of noise measurements, whereby it is possible to draw initial conclusions about the status of the mounting and the gearing. Further insights can be achieved by using a thermal imaging camera.


Maintenance should be performed on a gear unit by our service personnel at regular intervals. This ensures the longest possible service life and low wear on the serviced gears. This also includes compliance with the oil change intervals stated on the nameplate.

Professional maintenance is an integral part of our warranty. Within the context of maintenance, the general condition of the gear is initially assessed. Depending on the findings, the way in which to proceed will be coordinated

Retrofitting / modification

A gear is often in use for decades, whereby the performance potential demanded of it frequently changes over the course of its service life. An increase or change in the performance parameters does not necessarily mean that the gear must be replaced by a larger gear as the drive unit can often be cost-effectively supplemented by retrofitting or upgrading.

Spare parts

As a special gear manufacturer offering a wide range of gears, it is simply not possible for us to stock all of the spare parts needed for our special solutions.

Standard components are available with just-in-time delivery. In the case of customised replacement parts, these parts are produced by suppliers who are affiliated with the partnership