Cutting-edge technology in gear manufacturing

Our commitment to quality

World market leaders trust Koellmann Gear

Since the founding of the G. Köllmann GmbH mechanics workshop on 18th July 1904, Koellmann products have been known for their outstanding precision and quality. Only a few years later, the company was the top address in Germany for the production of rear-axed bevel gears and automotive gears.

Cutting-edge technology Made in Germany

Even today, with its unparalleled functional reliability, Koellmann Gear's cutting-edge technology sets the standard for durability, reliability and customer satisfaction. More than 500,000 special gears have stood the test in machines and systems of all kinds around the world. Companies in numerous industries appreciate our expertise, many years of experience and flexibility.

Specially customised solutions

Koellmann Gear always goes the route that is safest for the customer during design and production. Thus special gears are not modified standard products, but instead are specially designed, customised solutions that are developed for their intended purpose with an eye constantly on the overall system requirements. Despite the individual design effort, a batch size of one is enough and the acceptance of a series is not required.

Research & development

Koellmann Gear attaches great importance to research and development. Continuous improvement ensures that any errors identified during quality assurance are analysed immediately, and that appropriate measures are then introduced to prevent that error from occurring again in the future. Existing series are optimised according to the latest research results and tests. The focus here includes:

  • Spur gear geometry and load-bearing capacity
  • Load distribution and edge correction
  • Power flow and efficiency / heat balance

Quality assurance (ISO 9001 certified)

Koellmann Gear makes no compromises when it comes to the gear quality. This means that we can guarantee the highest level of safety for the gears produced. The quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. All employees see themselves as responsible for quality assurance at their respective workplace. Quality controls occur after each construction phase throughout the production process. To this end, there are test benches available for function and leak testing of the current production, as well as for monitoring new developments.

Design basis

We design all our gears based on state-of-the-art gear system calculation tools (FVA Workbench, KISSSoft). Overall systems are modelled, parameterised and calculated taking into account the environment in which the gear will be operating, using the FVA Workbench (advanced edition). KISSSoft is used in the layout design and optimisation of all critical gear components such as the gearing, shafts, bearings and connecting elements.

Condition monitoring

Koellmann Gear offers intelligent gear solutions so that gears can be integrated in accordance with Industry 4.0 guidelines:

  • Particle count
  • Continuous vibration measurement and monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Regular grease and oil analyses (OELCHECK)

This prevents unplanned shutdowns, makes it possible to carry out maintenance in a condition-oriented manner, thus ensuring maximum system availability.