Custom service


Our experienced service team is at your disposal on short notice to perform a damage survey, and to assess and analyse the possible causes of the damage in the very rare event that a gear fails.

Once the external condition has been assessed, the shut-down gear is professionally opened and disassembled. The gear must be sent to Koellmann Gear

for a repair or overhaul. In so doing, damage to the components is documented and parts that exhibit damage are tested and measured. We then make a cost analysis from the point of view of cost-effectiveness, which will lead to a repair quote. 

Upon approval of a repair or general servicing, the gear will be repaired as quickly as possible in order to limit the length of the plant shutdown. In addition to replacing defective components such as gaskets, roller bearings and gearings, it is often useful to rework moving parts. This may include regrinding shaft seal inserts or bushing housing bearing seats, for example. After professional assembly, the gear being overhauled undergoes function and leak testing in the form of a test run in order to ensure fault-free operation. Koellmann Gear is always available as a partner with all the resources needed for a cost-effective repair. This also applies to third-party gears.

We organise repairs with you so that they fall during a planned plant shutdown – simply get in touch with us!

Our 24-hour hotline allows us to ensure that you are either assisted immediately or, at the very least, that your emergency call is competently dealt with in a timely manner.

Tel.: +49 (0)2 02 / 4 81-1 10

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