Our most flexible gear solution for a diverse array of industrial applications

Industrial helical gears

High power density and a long service, specifically designed for industrial applications 

H-TEC industrial gears are specifically developed for industrial applications. In so doing, the compact design with high power density and a long service life have become a common economic denominator. In addition, “continuous improvement” ensures that we are constantly improving in this area as well.



Using Koellmann gears, machine and system manufacturers can cover all of their gear needs. The highest possible standardisation with compact, one-piece universal housing and maximum flexibility in terms of designs, connections and accessories are characteristic of H-TEC industrial gears with straight output. The gears can thus be tailored to any individual requirement.


Designs and accessories

The two and three-stage versions in a single housing design makes an especially flexible use of the machine possible. The noise and power-optimised helical gearing guarantee low sound pressure levels and a high degree of efficiency. A rigid monoblock housing design allows even the highest of loads to be compensated and realised.           


With H-TEC industrial gears, industry can cover the full range of their needs, since the gears can be flexibly customised to each individual requirement.

Technical data

  • 14 sizes
  • Nominal output torques of 5,000 to 300,000 Nm,
  • Special designs upon consultation
  • Nominal input speed up to 3,000 U/min
  • Transmission ratios starting at i = 7
  • 2 and 3-stage version
  • Monoblock housings in FerrocastOptimisation of the housing designs using the finite element method (FEM)


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